How To Choose The Right Face Mask

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Wearing a face mask can help protect those around us from Coronavirus, and if everyone wears them it will help to protect us too.

However with so many variations available, it can be a daunting task choosing the right one for you.

Here we look at the government advice on face masks, and give you some options to choose from.

Government Advice Documents
Coronavirus is spread from droplets created when we speak, cough or sneeze. Scientists tell us that wearing a face covering may reduce the spread of the virus, by reducing the spread of those droplets.

The goverment says your face mask:

  1. Should be made from a material you find comfortable and breathable (such as Cotton)
  2. Have at least two layers of fabric
  3. Should cover your nose and mouth
  4. Fit securely against the side of your face
  5. Be secured to your head with ear loops, or ties

To make things a little more complicated the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) recommends you should have a three layered mask.

Let's take a look at a couple of options below that not only meet the requirements from our government, but the advice from the W.H.O. stated above too.


Natural Linen & Cotton Face Mask - £9.50

Linen Face Mask Hanging From A Cotton Branch

This face mask is made from natural Linen and Cotton and has three layers of fabric which cover your nose and mouth, plus a filter pocket making it a four layered mask. It has adjustable elastic ear loops which help keep the mask fitted securely to the side of your face. A smart and stylish face mask available in black, which meets all of the government and W.H.O. requirements stated above. Take a look here


Luxury black linen face mask on a white background
Luxury Linen & Cotton Face Mask - £19.99

This is also made from Linen & Cotton, it has three layers of thick fabric plus a hidden pocket for inserting a filter, which will make this a four layered mask. It covers your nose and mouth and also features nose wire which means you can adjust the mask to fit the contours of your nose (this is great for people who wear glasses as it helps to stop them steaming up!) It also uses elastic ear loops with adjustable metal clips to keep the mask securely fitted to your face. This luxury face mask meets all of the government and W.H.O. guidelines stated above, and looks natural and stylish too. Take a look here

You can take a look at our full range of reusable and washable face masks here

Once you have your mask there are a few rules to follow. We're told to avoid wearing it on your neck or forehead, resist taking it off and putting it back on all the time, and avoid touching the mask when it's on - try to remove it using the ear loops or straps only. You can read the full list of government recommendations here.

Don't forget that face coverings are mainly there to protect others, so you still need to remember to socially distance, and wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds too.

Stay safe, and stay positive!
From all at boostology

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