A reusable & washable Linen and Cotton face mask
A linen face mask that has upto 3 layers
A linen face mask that is expertly stitched
There's a pocket for a filter too
Linen face masks in navy blue, green and grey

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Luxury linen & cotton face mask - 3 colours, reusable, washable, handmade

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This face mask is handmade in the U.K. from high quality Linen & Cotton, which means it's stylish, soft to the touch and highly breathable.

Available in three colours, the mask has nose wire sewn into the top, which allows it to be contoured over the nose for a better fit. This helps prevent the spread of germs, and the steaming up of your glasses.

There's also a pocket for adding a filter inside the mask, simple paper kitchen roll can be used for this.

There's an elastic style fitting which can be altered to suit the shape of your face,  ensuring your mask always stays firmly in place.

A 100% natural, washable & sustainable face mask, with bags of style. Please choose your preferred colour - Navy Blue, Moss Green or Mid Grey.

Materials: This is a two layered mask (2-ply), there's a pocket to add a filter making it three layered (3-ply). The mask outer is made from 55% Linen & 45% Cotton. The lining is made from 100% cotton.

Please Note: These masks are not medical grade masks. Please wash after each use. Masks have been compulsory on public transport in the U.K. since June 15th, and in shops from 24th July.