6 Ways To Stay Positive In The Pandemic

Woman looking worried
Feeling on edge? Can’t sleep? 
Finding it hard not to worry? You’re not alone...  

We asked boostology
 staff to give us their tips on how they’re staying positive in the pandemic. 

Tip 1: “Try to savour the small things in life – whether that’s a slice of hot buttered toast or a relaxing bath with lots of bubbles. If you allow yourself the time to enjoy the everyday things, then you’re also PROCESSING that pleasure which will boost your mood levels” 

Man looking at his phoneTip 2: “Connect a little bit more. We’re all in this TOGETHER. If you have more time on your hands than usual, say hello to a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. If you’re in a lockdown with others, use that time to ask how they’re coping. Talking about your problems and allowing people to talk about theirs will help you both off-load some of that pent-up stress”

Tip 3: “Remember there are others who may be struggling more than you are. Offer to help a neighbour with their shopping or donate some food to a food bank. Doing something for others - and not concentrating solely on your own problems – can help put everything in PERSPECTIVE” - we found a great article on helping others during the lockdown here.

A french newspaper with a coronavirus headlineTip 4: “We all need to keep up-to-date with the latest news, but if those news or social media sources are stressing you out - then limit the amount of time you’re spending with them. You may also want to think about WHO you’re trusting to give you this important information.” - use a trusted news source, such as BBC News which offers a reality check service dedicated to clearing up fake news and false stories.

Tip 5
: “Make a list of the things you’ve always wanted to get done in the house, but have never gotten around to. Whether that’s painting a spare room or tending to that poor old houseplant which hasn’t been re-potted for years. Make a list. Acting on that list will give you a sense of achievement as you tick each one off”

A man relaxing in a hammockTip 6: ”Give yourself a break! You don’t have to be busy every minute of every day. Allow yourself a breather every now and again. Read a book, have a cat-nap or netflix and chill. Giving yourself a rest now, will give you renewed energy later”

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Stay safe, and stay positive! 
From all at boostology.co.uk 

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