How To Cut Your Energy Bills & Save The Planet

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Skyrocketing gas and electric bills may be bad news for our finances, but it has led to more of us cutting back on energy.

Our consumption is directly linked to the amount of toxic chemicals released into our atmosphere, so there are many benefits to using less gas and electric.  

Let's see how you can make a few easy changes, to benefit your pocket, and the planet...


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Too Hot To Handle?

Your heating and hot water are the biggest contributors to your energy bill. The energy saving trust recommends you should set your room thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature, which for most people is 18-21C. It says for every degree you increase the temperature, your heating bill will increase by a whopping 10%. Save even more by taking shorter showers instead of a bath.

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Try A Cold Wash!

Turn the temperature of your washing machine down to 30C, and you could save 40% of the energy you use for each wash. As washing machines are one of the biggest users of electricity, this is definitely worth a go. We've tried it and there's no noticeable difference in the freshness of your clothes afterwards. Just pick a powder or liquid that works at colder temperatures.



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Get Your Hob On

If you have a smart meter, take a look at how quickly the total increases when you have the oven on. The bottom line is that your oven leeches money, every time you switch it on (and we're talking pounds, not pennies!) You'd be surprised at how many things you can cook on the hob, rather than bang in the oven. We've tried 'traditional' oven products like french fries, and yes, many can be popped in a pan instead.

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Cuppa Tea?

Your kettle is one of the most used electrical appliances in the home. I've always taken the kettle to the tap to fill it up, which often leads to boiling more water than you need. How about filling your cup with water instead, and adding it to the kettle so you're only boiling the exact amount of water you need? Whether it's coffee or tea, you could be saving £'s every year by making this part of your morning routine.

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Is Your Fridge Freezing?

This appliance is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it's worth checking the temperature of your fridge and freezer (if it doesn't have a built in thermometer they can be bought for a few quid online) Your fridge should be running at a temperature of 3-5C and your freezer 0C. If your readings are lower, turn that dial down to get an instant cut back on your bills.


Hungry For More?

Take a look at this official government advice, which offers more tips and tricks to save energy, save money, and save our beautiful planet. Do send us your energy saving tips below, we'd love to hear what works for you!

Until next time!

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