NINE benefits of using volcanic potpourri

1. Mood Boosting Essential oils have been used for generations to naturally treat all kinds of  ailments - from stress and sleep deprivation, to easing the symptoms of the common cold. Inhaling a beautiful aroma can help you to relax after a busy day at work, or invigorate you when you need a lift – just choose an oil to suit your needs and mood. Our organic essential oils are all certified organic by the soil association, this makes them one of the purest and highest quality oils you can buy. See how our organic essential oils can boost your mood, and please always read...

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SIX ways to stay positive in the coronavirus pandemic

 Feeling on edge? Can’t sleep? Finding it hard not to worry? You’re not alone...    We asked boostology staff to give us their tips on how they’re staying positive in the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are our best ones, why not try them out for yourself? (please send us your tips by emailing them to us so we can add them below)  Tip 1: “Try to savour the small things in life – whether that’s a slice of hot buttered toast or a relaxing bath with lots of bubbles. If you allow yourself the time to enjoy the everyday things, then you’re also PROCESSING that pleasure which will boost your mood levels” Tip...

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