How Do Essential Oil Necklaces and Bracelets Work?

A tiger's eye and lava stone essential oil bracelet

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, many of us use essential oils to calm anxiety or boost our mood.

Now you can buy personal diffusers in the form of necklaces and bracelets which allow you to benefit from those aromas throughout your day. Here we show you how these pieces of jewellery work, and the benefits of using them...

Although there isn't much clinical research to prove aromatherapy has a direct medical benefit, more and more of us are turning to aromatherapy to improve our mood.

NHS hospitals often offer this service to patients to improve their general wellbeing, and the John Hopkins School of Medicine in the US has even listed diffuser necklaces and bracelets as being one of the safest ways to enjoy aromatherapy.

So how exactly do these pieces of jewellery work?

Put simply, a diffuser necklace or bracelet is made from an absorbent material which essential oils can be applied to. You can then sniff that absorbent material throughout your day to help you relax, or maybe perk you up.

There are two main types of essential oil jewellery to choose from. Some come in the form of a metal locket which contain an absorbent material which the essential oil can be applied to, like these here:

Locket style diffuser jewellery

Others are made from porous materials like lava stone, the tiny holes in the stone allow the essential oil to be easily absorbed:

Diffuser jewellery made from Lava stones

You can buy bottles of essential oils which have an applicator which allow you to easily dab the oil onto the jewellery, without spilling it (our aromatherapy jewellery range comes with a bottle included!) It's much easier using these as you only need a small amount of oil to have the desired effect:
An applicator wand being used to apply essential oils

Simply choose an essential oil blend to suit your mood. Some contain oils to aid relaxation like Lavender or Chamomile; others are designed to lift your mood like Eucalyptus or Lime essential oils. We don't recommend you apply essential oils directly to your skin, use your diffuser jewellery instead as the medium.

Here are a few helpful links to help you on your way to becoming a diffuser jewellery aficionado:

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What types of essential oils do you use on your jewellery and how do they help you? We'd love to hear your tips below...

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