9 Benefits Of Using Volcanic Potpourri

A volcanic potpourri on a red background

1. Mood Boosting

Essential oils have been used for generations to naturally treat all kinds of  ailments - from stress and sleep deprivation, to easing the symptoms of the common cold. Inhaling a beautiful aroma can help you to relax after a busy day at work, or invigorate you when you need a lift – just choose an oil to suit your needs and mood. Our organic essential oils are all certified organic by the soil association, this makes them one of the purest and highest quality oils you can buy. See how our essential oils can boost your mood, and please always read the label before using them. 

2. Volcanic Potpourri Is Reusable 

One of the easiest ways to become eco-friendly and reduce your impact on the environment is to buy more reusable products. Single use products are more expensive in the long term, and add to the ever increasing amount of waste being sent to landfill. Our Volcanic Potpourri have been specially designed to be long lasting and reusable. No part of this home diffuser ever needs to be thrown away. This makes them one of the eco-friendliest essential oil diffusers you can buy.


A volcano surrounded by fields

3. Natural Materials

Our potpourri is made using natural lava and obsidian stones, and the lid is made from natural volcanic agate and wood. We strive to use only the finest all-natural materials, which will have a minimal impact on the world around you. 

4. No Plastic Parts 
Our Volcanic Potpourri is made from glass, stone and wood. No plastic parts have been used in the manufacture of this product. A small amount of plastic is used within the paint which coats these vessels, however we’re currently researching how this minimal amount of plastic can also be removed from our manufacturing process. Find out why it's important to reduce our plastic usage here. 


Hand finished red agate stone lids

5. Hand Finished

Our potpourri is a little extra special as it is not a mass-produced item. The beautiful agate stone lids have been expertly cut by hand (and polished to a shiny lustre by hand too.) Even the lava stones inside your glass vessel have been hand finished to give them a lovely matte black look. The hand finished nature of this product makes it the perfect gift to give, on an extra special occasion. 

6. Uses No Electricity or Flames 
There’s a direct connection between the electricity we use and the effect that has on the environment. Reducing your energy consumption means fewer power plant emissions, which are harmful to our planet. Even a flame from a lit candle produces toxins which enter our atmosphere. We designed our volcanic diffuser with this in mind, and have developed a solution which produces no polluting emissions at all. Heat may also alter some of the properties of your essential oils, and therefore alter their therapeutic benefits too.

Natural Lava & Obsidian rocks spilling out of a jar

7. Each Is Exclusive & Unique 
We’re the sole manufacturers of Volcanic Potpourri, making this an exclusive product which is not available anywhere else. Each item contains stones which vary in size, shape and colour - making them unique to you, and you only. Each hand-made agate lid features its own individual grain and markings, making every one totally unique to you too. 

8. Crystal Healing Qualities 

Crystal healers believe that holding or placing crystals on your body can promote physical, spiritual or emotional healing. Celebrities including Adele, Katy Perry and David Beckham are reported to use them for positive energy and good luck. We believe that the power of positive thinking is extremely beneficial to our emotional wellbeing too. Lava rock is believed to provide calmness and strength, Obsidian is said to be a protective stone, and Agate enhances mental function by improving concentration. Send them a gift that brings a little positivity with it too. 


A Volcanic Potpourri Jar
9. Aesthetics 
Last but not least, our product looks like a decorative ornament that will take pride of place on your window sill or mantlepiece. Surrounding yourself with beauty can also promote feelings of positivity and peace. But don’t take our word for it, there’s a reason why a particularly famous British interior designer has already contacted us about them! 

Take a look at our Volcanic Potpourri Essential Oil Diffuser here


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