Top 5 Ways To Cut Back On Plastic

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Did you know that more than 8 million tonnes of plastic is getting into our oceans every year? That plastic pollution is turning up on our beaches, and inside marine animals. The good news is that 8 in 10 of us are now trying to cut down on the amount of plastic waste we produce. Here we take a look at the top five ways YOU can make a difference...



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1. Reuse

Did you know we get through 38.5 million plastic bottles every day in the U.K. and 7 million disposable coffee cups? As it can take 450 years for those bottles to biodegrade, buying a reusable drinking bottle and coffee cup will make a real difference. There so many products you can switch to, you can take a look at our reusable gifts here for more inspiration.



2. Refill

Use your existing plastic containers and refill them rather than throw away. Lots of stores are starting to get involved which means you can choose to refill your bottle of washing up liquid, or buy packaging free cereals, rice and coffee.



A yellow, blue, red and green recycling bin

3. Recycle

So many of the plastic items we use, can be recycled. Check out this handy guide on what you can and can't pop in the recycling bin. It may take a little extra time to sort them, but it feels really good when the job is done. 




 4. Hidden Plastics

Did you know that many chewing gums contain plastic, as do tea bags and beer bottle caps (yes, the ones you thought were made of metal!) Learn about some of the hidden plastics you weren't aware of, and make the switch to eco-friendlier alternatives.



Gold glitter spilling out of a container5. Micro Plastics

Thought pesky hidden plastics were bad enough? We also have plastics that are so small you can barely see them (gold glitter being a slightly more obvious micro plastic!) These are created when your bottles, cups and containers break down into smaller pieces. You can also find micro plastics in products from laundry and dishwasher pods to facial scrubs. Check your products to see what you're really buying. Best of all, reduce your overall plastic use to ensure what you're using now, doesn't end up as a micro plastic of the future.

Boostology specialises in gift ideas which boost you, and the environment. Take a look at our plastic free gifts to see how you can help reduce plastic waste.

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