4 BIG Reasons To Shop With Independent Retailers

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Spending money with the big players has a downside. Many offer the same products, and same service. Here we look at how shopping small - on the high street or online - can bring you big benefits.



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1. Unique products

To be able to compete with the Amazons of this world, independent retailers have to think outside of the box. That's why they're often the best source for innovative products you won't find anywhere else. Why buy a gift everyone has seen before, when you can really impress them with something different. A handmade gift or vintage piece for the home is sure to earn you some extra brownie points too.

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2. Better Customer Service

Business owners are more inclined to offer a higher quality of customer service. That's because they have a special interest in the business, so will go that little bit further to keep you happy. A manager working for a chain store is unlikely to offer the same level of commitment, as they simply don't have a vested interest in it. If you're in a store you may get a free gift wrapping service, or a cuppa from the boss. Online retailers may offer you a hand written thank you or vouchers to show their appreciation.

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3. Shop Sustainably

Small, independent retailers are able to commit to issues they feel strongly about, including the environment. Multi-nationals may take years to implement changes that smaller companies can do much more easily. Boostology for instance sends its orders in biodegradeable parcels to help fight plastic pollution, and it plants one tree for every order you place - thanks to a tie up with ecologi.

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4. You're REALLY Appreciated

Spending £50 at a multinational will barely make a difference to their business, as you're just one of millions of customers. Spend the same amount at a small independent retailer and your purchase will be a much larger part of their monthly takings. Your order could make a real difference for them, which will not go un-noticed.







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