A New Alternative To Scented Candles

A lit scented candle

Did you know that brits spend an estimated two BILLION pounds on candles each year?

According to a recent report we buy an average of six candles a year and the top reason for doing so, is to make our homes smell nice.

So why do we need an eco-friendlier alternative?

Well, the vessels they come in are often thrown away once the candle is used up. That's millions of candle jars in the U.K. alone, and many end up going to landfill.

Paraffin candles produce toxins which pollute your living space when they're lit. Even natural soy wax candles are a by-product of the soybean industry, which uses pesticides and fertilisers and is linked to deforestation.

We've developed a product called Volcanic Potpourri, which is elegant, long lasting and reusable...

A Volcanic Potpourri With Birch Twigs And Christmas Lights

It's made from natural black Lava and Obsidian stones, which are enclosed in a matching black vessel. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the stones, to scent your room the natural way.

There are many benefits of using our potpourri over a scented candle. It's completely reusable (no part of it ever needs to be thrown away!) and it uses no electricity and no flames. The fragrances we use are made from pure essential oils, these contain natural plant extracts with no artificial additives.

Don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying about our Volcanic Potpourri:

"Probably the most beautiful diffuser we've seen"
Living Magazine

"Not only does it look gorgeous, the rocks work so well to diffuse the natural oils around our room, without it being overpowering"
Blogger PinksCharming

"I have been so impressed with the quality of it, how it looks, and just how well it works"
Blogger AllAboutU

"A new kind of diffuser that works better than any I’ve tried"
Instagram Blogger CarolinaGMX

We hope you'll join the growing number of people who are turning to our reusable Volcanic Potpourri to help protect our planet. You can buy one here.



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