Wooden codebreaker game in its packaging
Symbol pegs and black and white pegs in a codebreaker board game
Codebreaker game with the lid off
The four hidden symbol pegs in the side of a codebreaker game

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Premium wooden codebreaker game

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  • Premium wooden Codebreaker board game
  • Stylish, all-in-one design; the storage box is the playing board
  • Includes 102 coded wooden pegs
  • How to play game guide
  • Plastic Free
  • Pine wood comes from sustainably managed forests

Test your code-breaking skills with this classic two player game.

One player sets a sequence and the other has to deduce what it is, in just ten attempts; a challenge that will stimulate and sharpen your mind.

Our premium wooden Codebreaker looks sleek and sophisticated; it features a clever all-in-one design, where the storage box doubles as the playing board.

Inside you'll find 102 coded wooden pegs, plus instructions on how to play.

The game is 100% plastic free, and the pine wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests, which means new trees are planted to replace any that are cut down.

Can you outsmart your opponent and crack their code?

How to play: First decide who is the Code Maker and Code Breaker. The Code Maker then sets a secret code using four unique symbol pegs, which are then hidden away in the slots on the side of the board. The Code Breaker then starts guessing the code by placing symbol pegs on the first row of the board. After each guess, the Code Maker provides feedback by placing black and white hint pegs on the board. A white peg indicates a correct symbol in the correct position, a black peg is a correct symbol in the wrong position. Keep going until the Code Breaker guesses the exact code, or runs out of time!


- Measures Approx: 14 x 14 x 2.5cm
- Weight: Approx 0.21 kg
- Materials: 73% Pine wood (from sustainably managed forests) plus Poplar and Schima wood.
- Warning! Small parts choking hazard, not suitable for children under 36 months
- From Luckies / Iron & Glory