Essential Oil Diffuser In Amber
A beautiful agate stone lid that tops your essential oil diffuser
Lava and Obsidian stones diffuse your essential oils
The label reads: For Strength And Positivity
essential oil diffuser on an office desk
essential oil diffuser on a bedside table
Essential oil diffuser on Terracotta
essential oil diffuser and bottle of oil
the agate stone lids vary in appearance

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Volcanic potpourri - essential oil diffuser - clear amber, reusable, unscented

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"Crystal healers use Lava & Obsidian stones to provide them with strength and positivity"


Scent your room naturally with a Poupourri of beautiful black volcanic rocks. These hand-finished lava and obsidian stones are encased in a clear amber glass jar, which is topped with a fiery red agate stone lid.

Simply add 6-10 drops of essential oil to the stones; the porous Lava acts like a sponge, soaks up the essential oil and then slowly releases the lovely aroma into your room.

Natural materials

The natural lava and shiny obsidian stones contrast beautifully with the smooth vessel they’re housed in, and each solid volcanic stone lid is hand-made and hand-polished to perfection. The lid also has its own individual grain and markings, making it totally unique to you.

Crystal healers use Lava rock to provide those around the stones with calmness and strength; whilst obsidian is said to be protective, shielding you from negativity.


This essential oil diffuser is elegant, long lasting and reusable - no part of it gets thrown away - this makes it an eco-friendlier way to scent your room. It uses no electricity, and no flames which can pollute your living space.

Mood boosting

Inhaling a beautiful aroma can help you to relax after a busy day at work, or invigorate you when you need a lift – just choose an oil to suit your needs and mood. Team your volcanic potpourri with one of our essential oils or you may wish to use one of your own.

A lovely decorative piece, designed to give you years of sensory pleasure.

How To Use

  • Place your potpourri anywhere in the home or office - from your desktop at work to a bedside table, or coffee table - for a slow releasing, subtle fragrance in your room.

  • If you want to amplify the smell, keep your potpourri in a warm, well ventilated area. Try a sunny windowsill, on a mantelpiece above a fireplace or by a radiator, as this will help the essential oil to evaporate faster and strengthen the aroma in your room.

  • For an added boost - pick up your potpourri, close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths in, to lift your mood.

  • To reset your diffuser, simply wait until your original fragrance has evaporated from the rocks, or if you can't wait, wash the stones in warm soapy water and allow them to dry. Then you're ready to experience the pleasure of a brand new fragrance in your diffuser.


- Measures: 10.5cm High x 8.5cm Diameter
- Presented in a beautiful natural coloured gift box and tissue.
- Rocks are supplied unscented, organic oils available here.
- This volcanic potpourri contains natural volcanic rocks - the size, shape and colour of them may vary slightly. The natural agate stone lid, will also vary in appearance (see final photograph showing typical lid variations above) 
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